AFU Achievements



AFU Achievements 2010-2017

  • AFU has offered physical rehabilitation to over 1300 children through corrective surgery, physiotherapy and provision of assistive devices.
  • AFU has trained  572 teachers on Inclusive education aimed at enhancing school retention and completion among CWDs, trained 1999 parents/community members on the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach to managing disability,  provided education sponsorship to 16 rehabilitated children at secondary school level,  106 at primary school level, 69 at vocational school level. Constructed one rail and 30 ramps in selected schools in Lira.
  • AFU has also provided livelihood support in form of bee keeping, piggery and goat rearing to 999 households and established 60 PSGs that support one another in times of need, save and borrow money for household income improvement and make referrals for CWDs to AFU and other service providers.
  • AFU has provided awareness on disability to more than 3 million people through radio.
  • AFU has establishment outreach clinics that have reduced the distance travelled by parents seeking physiotherapy services for their children in Lira and Alebtong districts.
  • AFU has created partnerships with other organizations, Government and Hospitals (CoRSU, cure, government health facilities) that have helped achieve her goals.

Welcome to Adina Foundation Uganda

Adina foundation Uganda offers holistic rehabilitation to Children with Disability (CWD) through physical rehabilitation; Physiotherapy, corrective surgery and provision of assistive devices, education through; catch up classes at the rehabilitation Centre and education sponsorship in formal and vocational training schools, psychosocial and livelihood support.

The holistic rehabilitation process is divided in two components; Institutionalized Rehabilitation (IR) and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). In IR children stay at LRC for three-six months and receive physiotherapy and corrective surgeries in cooperation with Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda (CORSU) in Kampala. Education through catch up classes, psychosocial and livelihood support through different empowerment processes are other processes contributing to AFU’s holistic rehabilitation. In CBR children and parents are followed up in their homes and school environment with various activities. AFU’s mandate is to rehabilitate children between the ages of 0-18 years and to offer support to their families in developing their potential to address the underlying causes and challenges of the disability problem.


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