Adina Foundation Uganda’s Education Sponsorship Program Supports children with disabilities from vulnerable households and those that were denied the right to education by their own parents due to stigma and discrimination. The program has supported over 200 beneficiaries to date from Lira and Alebtong districts.

We promote equal access to quality education for children with disabilities through; catch up classes, sponsorship in primary,secondary and vocational education, teacher training on disability management (inclusive education), construction of ramps and advocating for the rights of children with disabilities.

The education program empowers children with disabilities to; advocate for their rights and fair treatment by community members, develop life skills, increase enrollment and retention of children with disabilities in the mainstream schools.


The Catch up class offers remedial lessons to children undergoing intensive care and recuperation at Lira Rehabilitation Centre (LRC). The class has an average of 24 children in most instances. The class is facilitated by a qualified grade III teacher and is guided by the national curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda.

The class is divided into three; lower, middle and top, according to age and level of education. The subjects taught are literacy I &II, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Participatory methods of teaching are employed to make the class more interactive.


Catch up children performing an outdoor activity



Primary sponsorship is the core of the education sponsorship program, it places beneficiaries in one primary boarding school, and for those who cannot attend boarding due to their physical disabilities are placed in community schools, where they are supported by their parents. Currently the program supports 42 beneficiaries. The sponsorship program targets only children who have undergone surgery and are from economically vulnerable families.

The program pays school fees, provides scholastic materials, career guidance and offers psychosocial support to the children and their families. It also monitors the academic progress of the beneficiaries under the program.


The program has only 04 beneficiaries and is being phased out due to financial constraints.


The vocational education is provided to children and youth who have undergone surgery and cannot be taken back to pursue formaleducation at primary or secondary level. The program supports 15 beneficiaries per year. The program empowers them through vocational training in a vocational institution. They are given the opportunity to choose vocational courses of their choice; which include, building and concrete practice, tailoring and garment cutting, carpentry and joinery, saloon and hairdressing, knitting among others.

Upon completion the beneficiaries are offered start up kits to establish their own enterprises along the training.  They are also linked for other trainings such as; industrial training, entrepreneurship and business development or potential employers.

A vocational beneficiary and guardian with a startup kit received from Adina Foundation Uganda

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