Adina Foundation Uganda uses the Community based rehabilitation aproach of parents support groups within the community and it is intended to increase access to rehabilitation services to CWDs, 63 parents support groups have been established in Lira and Alebtong district, in the sub region of lango since inception of the project.

 The core members of the parents support groups are parents of CWDs and willing members of the community who are committed to promoting the rights and protection of CWDs.

Establishment of PSGs by AFU has improved community participation and access to information on CWDs, better community mobilization on issues of CWDs which has resulted to early identification, assessment, increased access to corrective services and access to social support to deal with major life challenges and coping mechanisms by parents / care givers of CWDs.

The parents support groups has enabled parents of CWDs to restore hope, build confidence and respect for the rights of their children. It has also improved the quality of care for the CWDs by their parents and the wider community.

The approach also has a component of economic empowerment, where the parents of CWDs are supported with an income generating activity of their choice which is sustainable. The major ones being Apiary, goat and pig rearing, this has led to increased household income of parents of CWDs and hence they are able to provide for the needs of their children and other family members unlike before they were in the support groups.

 The PSGs has helped in the restoration of hope of parents of CWDs,building confidence, self- worth with genuine caring and sharing, above all the parents have gained satisfaction of helping themselves and others within the wider community.

Parents’ receiving awareness about the different types of disabilities in Children.

Parents of CWDs coming together to share and provide support to each

Other in providing better services to CWDs.

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